Identity of you

Where you go tells who you are

Sharon Di, assistant professor of civil engineering and engineering mechanics at Columbia Engineering, has discovered the patterns of traveling highly related to the types of people.  The research is based on data collected by University of Michigan Transportation Institute (UMTRI) with 349 vehicles’ continuous one-year mobile traces (19,130 travel activities).

  • Seniors, who travel to a wider variety of places in a day
  • Workers, who stay mostly at work or at home
  • Parents, who visit more individual places in a day

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Recently, the mainland China technology giant Tencent has published their big data research report on the usage pattern on WeChat (similar to WhatsApp mobile App).  They have found that people born in 90s most stressful.  On the other hand, people born in 70s are those with most leisure time.

In our opinion, the findings should be valuable for planning in the society.  However, the privacy should be maintained and only “masked” identity should be used for analysis.

Identity of you