In our portfolio section, it is aimed to share our experience and portfolio.

Our investment and development is being reflected in our labs, library and knowledgebase.

  1. Computer Vision Lab
  2. IoT Lab
  3. Data Science Lab
  4. KPI Knowledgebase
  5. Library

This section shows some of our achievements…

Computer Vision Development

(30 Oct 2018)

Our version 2 computer vision engine is being released for people counter able to identify baby buggy, wheelchair, bike, etc.

IoT Data Science Project

(13 May 2018)

We are working with developers in Clear Data Science Limited for a Big Data Repository to stream real-time geographical location from GPS devices and mobiles in trucks owned by a local logistic company.

Our First Legal Firm Customer

(12 Jan 2018)

We are deploying Business Intelligence tool in a legal firm to connect to AS400 data.  This is a significant move for solicitors to consider taking data analytics into their operations.

R&D Update

(30 Oct 2017)

We are working with our sister company to build our own data science products with machine learning and the support computer vision technology.  Further update will be available by the end of this year.

Technical Library – 2nd Phase Development Finished

(30 Mar 2017)

Our technical library is now collecting around 200 books and 30 training manuals to support our staff development and training.  We are investing about 10% out of our profit in our staff development and training.  It is really a big commitment for a small business.

Computer Lab – 2nd Phase Development Finished

(1 Mar 2017)

There are around 60 Virtual Machine servers running in our lab for Big Data, Advanced Analytics for our staff training and development.  Meanwhile, more staff members are getting IBM technical certificates to show our commitments to customers and our vendor(s).

Awarded a Large Scale Data Warehouse Project

(19 Nov 2016)

Our team is awarded a large scale data warehouse project for a major media corporation in Hong Kong.  For the scale, it is one of the large data warehouse project in 2016 locally.

A Fortune 500 Customer

(1 Aug 2016)

We have been awarded as an authorized data management service provider for a fortune 500 company to support their regional office in APAC.

New Client

(2 Feb 2016)

There is 1 listed company and a large non-profit making organization becoming our customers. Our projects are Data Warehouse projects and being started by the end of Jan 2016. It is amazing for this achievement for a new start-up company by the team members’ service reputation in the industry.

Our Tech Lab

(10 Jan 2016)

We are working with Archsolution Limited as strategic partner in computer technology. Server and Storage equipment is being leased for our research, development and testing purposes.

Moreover, we are jointly delivering data science projects with their support in the infrastructure area.

SDi Established

(7 Jan 2016)

Smart Data Institute Limited is a company formed by Data Science professionals with Computer Science, Statistics and Finance background.