IoT Lab

Nearly the same time of the opening of Computer Vision Lab, our R&D team is picking up sensors and working on our own API for collecting data for our data science team working in real-time Big Data analysis.


There are heat sensors, microphone, gas detectors running with our sensor hub. It is vital to have sensors with the power of computer vision working together to have a complete solution.  In order to have a standardized solution, all hardware is easily available in the market.  Our aim is not making better hardware but only focused on data collection & analytics.

For more detailed information, it is available in the following website.


Equipment Available:

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Arduino
  3. Sensors & Accessories

(Note: just some examples below, with more than 100 in total)

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Hall magnetic
  • Laser Transmitter
  • Analog temperature sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Photo-resistor
  • Relay
  • Tilt-switch
  • Mini reed switch
  • IR receiver
  • Magnetic spring module
  • Flame sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Avoidance sensor
  • Tracking sensor
  • High Sensitivity Mic
  • Rotary encoders
  1. Sensor Hub
  2. Top-class Xeon Server
  3. Private Cloud (Open Stack)


Software Running:

For the development, we are always using python to develop our own APIs and taking Solace as one of the major based platform.


Our vision: “Transform data into actions”.