Focused on Data only

For a service company, we are proud of our expertise rather than tool base knowledge. There are just a very few number of data science and BI service company with Chartered Management Consultant for business management skills. Also, we have technical engineers with skills on R, python, SAS, SPSS … So, we have to declare that we are not vendor specific and never an IT company.

More About SDi

What we have…

1. a small team with passion and experiences
2. ethical guidelines for our team members
3. business knowledge experts – like Chartered Management Consultant
4. 100% project delivery rate
5. Fortune 500 customers (with other listed companies, NGO, etc)

What we don’t have…
1. commission paying salesman
2. paid advertisement on media

Quick-Start Service

We are offering a number of Quick-start services (Guidance / Enablement package) on the following areas:
1. Business Intelligence with IBM Cognos
2. ETL with IBM InfoSphere DataStage
3. IBM Biginsights with Apache Hadoop
4. Best Practice on Business Analytics

All the above offerings are not just classroom training but there are hands-on workshops, SDI templates, onsite review visit after training for supporting in-house developments of our clients, etc.

Our experts are not just delivering projects but your coach to successful business analytic with the support of different technologies.  With this approach, the risk is being minimized by the controlled scope.

No Salesman

Smart Data Institute Limited (SDi) is a consulting company and there is “no commission paying” salesman. Also, there is no such role in our company development road-map.  Every time, our customers are meeting with our consulting team including industrial specialists and data science consultants.