Suggested Article by McKinsey about Megadeals and Data & Analytics

Megadeals VS Data Analytics

We are always visiting our clients to discuss the value of data analytics.  One of the area is being argued about data analytic failed to provide insights for exceptional big deal in the B2B business.   The real case situation is being applied in a consulting business like our team with 1 to 3 mega deals in millions scale contributing up to 30% to 40% revenue in total.

Most people think that data analytics should only be good in “regular” deals rather than “mega-deal(s)” due to the data availability.   Nevertheless, we have won some projects by lots of research and development based on our own KPI knowledgebase of KPI, open data and data from the Census and Statistics Department.

Original Viewpoint from McKinsey:

The article of McKinsey shares their viewpoint for high quality “small” data could be the key of making Megadeal.

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